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Select bibliography:
churches, their furnishings, and use
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Introduction to select bibliography

The select bibliography is organised by subject.

It concentrates on standard works, and recent works with good bibliographies.

At the moment the bias of this list is heavily towards Britain: we would welcome your help in extending the coverage. For the time being, Cathedrals and major churches lie outside our intended scope.

If you have any suggestions for additions to the bibliography, please send us an e-mail.

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Contents of select bibliography

Animal myths, effect on church imagery
Ecclesiological Society
Iconography, medieval
London Churches
Mass dials
Musical Instruments, images of in medieval churches
Saints, church dedications to
Topography, impact on churches
Victorian churches

Animal myths, effect on church imagery
After years of neglect, the bestiary, with its mixture of myth, moralising and observation, has recently been the subject of a number of books. Check for the most recent by using a library computer catalogue. The following books examine how myths about animals influenced medieval church art.

Allen, J. Romilly, Christian Symbolism in Great Britain and Ireland before the thirteenth century, London, 1887.
Chapter six deals with the bestiary. Old work, but still valuable.

Anderson, M. D., Animal Carvings in British Churches, Cambridge, 1938
Well informed study. Bibliography.

Beer, Rudiger Robert, Unicorn: myth and reality, London, 1977
Good introduction. Bibliography.

Drury, R. W. & Drury S. S., In Pursuit of Pelicans: unposted letters to friends, Concord, N.H. USA, privately printed, 1931
Charming, quirky, pieces on pelican symbolism and its expression in British, European and some American churches. List. No bibliography.

Hicks, Carola, Animals in Early Medieval Art, Edinburgh, 1993
Discusses British art of the sixth to eleventh centuries. No bibliography.

Husband, Timothy, The Wild Man: medieval myth and symbolism, New York, 1980
Rather few ecclesiastical examples, but a splendid book with bibliography to match.

Robinson, Margaret W., Fictitious Beasts: a bibliography, London, 1961
Very full bibliography, by category.

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Ecclesiological Society

White, James, The Cambridge Movement: the ecclesiologists and the gothic revival, Cambridge, 1962.
Early history of the Ecclesiological Society (formerly the Cambridge Camden Society).

Christopher Webster and John Elliott, 'A Church as it Should Be': the Cambridge Camden Society and its Influence, Shaun Tyas,  High Street, Donington, Lincolnshire, PE11 4TA, UK or email, 2001, ISBN 1900289350.
New book on the early history of the Ecclesiological Society (formerly the Cambridge Camden Society). Click here for details.

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Bond, Francis, Fonts and Font Covers, London, 1908 (reprinted 1985).
General introduction to English fonts and their covers. Old, but still useful.

Kuehn, Regina, A Place for Baptism, Chicago, 1992
Contemporary Catholic discussion of font design, well-illustrated, but no bibliography

Nichols, Ann Elhenholm, Seeable Signs: the iconography of the seven sacraments, 1350 – 1544, Woodbridge, 1994
Discussion of seven sacrament fonts. Good bibliography for medieval fonts.

Nordstrom, Folke, Medieval Baptismal Fonts: an iconographical study, Umea, 1984
Europe-wide study of the iconography of medieval fonts. Bibliography.

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Iconography, medieval

Friedman, John B. & Jessica M. Wegmann, Medieval Iconography: a research guide, New York, 1998
Annotated bibliography to this huge area of study
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London Churches

Blatch, Mervyn, A guide to London Churches, 1995
Pocket size gazetteer

Bradley, Simon & Nikolaus Pevsner London: the City Churches, 1998
Relevant entries from the City of London Pevsner in a handy format with a useful introduction

Evinson, Denis, Catholic Churches of London, Sheffield, 1998
Scholarly description of many Catholic churches, with further reading.

Clarke, Basil F. L., Parish Churches of London, London 1966
Wonderfully informed description of individual churches in London. Attempts to mention every church.

Jeffery, Paul, The City Churches of Sir Christopher Wren, London, 1996
Very important work, superseding previous works on this subject. Bibliography.

Leonard, John, London’s Parish Churches, Derby, 1997
Chronologically arranged, with an interesting selection of twentieth century churches.

Young, Elizabeth & Young, Wayland, Old London Churches, London, 1956
Mostly churches before 1830. Brief discussion of sources.

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Mass dials

Very complete bibliography on these home-made sundials often found outside medieval church doors.

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Musical Instruments, images of in medieval churches

Montagu, Jeremy & Gwen, Minstrels and Angels: Carvings of Musicians in Medieval English Churches, 1998
Excellent and well-illustrated study, with gazetteer and bibliography
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Saints, church dedications to

Orme, Nicholas, English Church Dedications with a survey of Devon and Cornwall, Exeter, 1996
Excellent modern study with full bibliography.

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The following mostly deal with medieval screens in parish churches in England and Wales. No full treatment of post-Reformation screens is known to us.

Bond, F. Bligh & Camm, Dom Bede, Roodscreens and Roodlofts, London, 2 vols., 1909
Medieval and post-reformation screens, with a catalogue of West Country examples

Bond, Francis, Screens and Galleries in English Churches, London, 1908
Good introduction to medieval screens.

Vallance, Aylmer, English Church Screens: being great roods, screenwork & rood-lofts of parish churches in England & Wales, London, 1936
Medieval screens, with brief mention of post-Reformation examples. Emphasis on Kentish examples.

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Morris, Richard, Churches in the Landscape, London 1989
Very full treatment of the topic for English churches, dealing with such topics as the location of churches and the geographical determinants of their appearance and structure. Extensive bibliography.

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Victorian church architecture
No attempt is made to list the biographies of individual architects, since these can easily be found by searching a library catalogue.

Two useful starting points for churches:
Curl, J. S., The Book of Victorian churches, London, 1995
Howell, Peter & Sutton, Ian (eds.), The Faber guide to Victorian churches, London 1989
 Stanton, Phoebe, B., The Gothic Revival & American Church Architecture: an episode in taste 1840-1856, London, 1968 and 1997
A standard work for the USA.

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