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Sir Ninian Comper

In September 2006, the Society published a 336 page book on the church architect Sir Ninian Comper.This was issued free to members. It includes a gazetteer of all of Comper's work (more than six hundred entries).

Copies are available for purchase at a discounted price within the UK by members. The discounted price is £22.95, including post. Details below. Non-members may buy the book from any good bookshop.

For corrections to the gazetteer, see below.

Click here for full size image. Use your back key to return.

Details of the book
The book's authors are Anthony Symondson and Stephen Bucknall, and the full title is: Sir Ninian Comper: an Introduction to his Life and Work with Complete Gazetteer.
ISBN 1-904965-11-3
336 pages, more than one hundred black and white illustrations
To read the blurb from the back cover (which is unusually accurate and informative!) click here
Buying the book
Members wishing to obtain a discounted price should email and we will send you the necessary documentation

To buy the book after 31 December 2006, or outside the UK at anytime, either order it from your normal bookseller, or contact Spire Books Ltd (co-publishers).
The gazetteer
We invite corrections and additions to the gazetteer. Click here for the corrections already received, and how to let us know of any others.
Reviews and articles
Article about Comper, linked to the book, in the Daily Telegraph, 14 Oct 2006.


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